Over 8 million consumers spread among five Pacific Rim countries are currently using our platform

The Cloud Union platform is built for the next ten years,
not the last ten years

Exponential Member Growth

8 Million members spread among five Pacific Rim countries are currently using our platform. Members include consumers, businesses, distributors and manufacturers

Ready for launch in America

It’s the only rewards program where your customers see their points grow over time. And your sales grow with them. Our rewards program makes consumer attract to your business enabling the greater retainership.

Revenue-sharing model

our revenue-sharing model returns much of your promotional investment directly to your bottom line. A coalition platform where your points make cents.

Join our Community of Shoppers who reinvest their daily spending

We want to be your resource for building better relationships within your communities through building relationships between merchants and their customers, Cloud Union provides the transparent platform to make retail experiences valuable

Protect your market share

Protect your market share and your margins against web-based and chain mega-retailers and the race to the bottom on pricing

Online Market Place

Place your products, goods or services on our Online Marketplace and open your marketplace to include the World. Cloud Union is bringing a world of shopping opportunities to the door of millions of consumers

Mobile first

A coalition platform that is built with mobile first approach. You, your clients and your distributors are all on ONE mobile friendly platform, keeping the rewards and sales at your finger tips

Easy to use

Our mobile and web applications allow the seamless integration and customer experience with your clients.

Intelligence-based Marketing

  • Cloud Union analytics provide data-driven insights that guide business decisions and optimize marketing campaigns
  • Supercharge your customer acquisition, retention, upsell and cross-sell strategies
  • Gain a deep understanding of your customer and build a stronger relationship with analytics that are automated, smart and predictive
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